Stanton Drew School gardeners – equipped and ready for spring !

The pupils of Stanton Drew Primary are very much looking forward to the  Spring term this year.

Stanton Drew School Gardeners!
Stanton Drew School Gardeners!

Thanks to the generosity of the PPS Community Trust, they are now the proud owners of new tools, a wheelbarrow, gloves and a super new garden seat, complete with storage box, which can be locked for safety.

The new tools include ladies forks, spades, detachable steel hoes and rakes.

Penny Cross who helps the Gardening Club based at Stanton Court said,

”this will be the first time that the children will be able to garden at the same time, as previously they had to wait for turns because there was never enough tools for everyone. They are also  excited to own, at long last ,their own wheelbarrow and very keen to try it out! ”

Penny went on to say that ”the storage seat will enhance the garden area and will allow the residents of Stanton Court, who sometimes come around to peep at the activity on our plot, a welcome rest before returning to the house, not forgetting the adult gardeners who will appreciate the opportunity of a ‘breather’ too!

The School is so very grateful to the Community Trust for giving the children a wonderful opportunity to improve their knowledge of gardening and not least to learn how to maintain and look after their brand new equipment for the future. ”