PPSCT recognises facility improvements at Pensford Memorial Hall

The Pensford Memorial Hall Committee have been working tirelessly to maintain and improve their facilities. The community has been enjoying some highly successful and popular tribute acts from Dolly Parton, Brotherhood of Man, Neil Diamond and most recently Tom Jones, helping to raise valuable funds to such an extent that the Hall Trustees now satisfy the Charity Commission stipulation that emergency funds are held.

The PPS Community Trust, led by Chairman Andrew Hillman, has extended a hand to boost these hard earned funds by awarding a grant of £2500, recognising how valuable the Hall facility is to the local community and the fund raising effort of the Committee.

Andrew Hillman said ,

“The Trustees are very pleased to be able to provide a further grant to the Pensford Memorial Hall. The Hall Committee are doing great work in raising their own funds, putting on well-supported events. This grant from the Trust has helped enable the committee to carry out a number of projects, which definitely enhance the facilities. White lines in the car park both improve parking and make the area appear much more professional, whilst improvements to the sports facilities should further support the already significantly increased usage of the playing fields.  Other improvements include new hand driers, water heaters, urns, microwave, cooler and fridge. All in all a very good outcome for all those who currently use the facility and may do in the future.”

”The community owes a big thank you to Pete Moore, Dave Lewis and the hard working Hall management team who give their time so generously for the benefit of their  village.”

Up and coming events at Pensford Memorial Hall include the popular Christmas Fair ,  a Race Night on 5th December and by popular demand return of the hypnotist in March 2016.

Andrew Hillman went on to say ”If any organisation or resident within the PPS Community Trust area would like to make an application for a Grant  or make a donation please visit www.ppsct.org.uk for full details, the Trustees would be delighted to hear from you.”