New Defibrillator at The Carpenters Arms in Stanton Wick

The Community Trust was happy to help supported the installation of a defibrillator at The Carpenters Arms in Stanton Wick. During normal times, Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club use the Carpenters Arms for their weekly dinner meetings. Bob Wright Rotary Club member together with Simon Pledge, Manager of The Carpenters Arms, initiated a consortium to raise funds for the installation of a defibrillator.

Bob Wright said, “defibrillators have been installed at accessible locations in many of our villages and are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest under emergency services telephone guidance. There are defibrillators located at Stanton Drew Village Hall and Pensford Post Office.  Stanton Wick is part of Stanton Drew Parish, and so we made an approach to Liz Richardson, Chairman, the Parish Council, following which it was agreed that the Parish would accept financial responsibility for the defibrillator maintenance. We were also delighted when Simon Pledge from The Carpenters Arms agreed to pay for the installation of the defibrillator. This left us with the purchase price to find.”  

Bob went on to say that, “following an approach to The Community Trust, the Trustees agreed to donate £1000 which was supplemented by £500 from Stanton Drew Community Cafe. This left £500 which Chelwood Bridge Rotary agreed to donate.”  Tony Quinn, President of the Chelwood Bridge Rotary said, “ we are delighted to support the installation of a defibrillator at the Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick. The Club has long wished to see such a facility in this community.”

The defibrillator installation went ahead during lockdown and is now available for use by all local residents and visitors alike and is easily located on The Carpenters Arms side wall – ready for action.

Sue Osborne, Trustees of The Community Trust said, “ we are definitely here to collaborate with other groups to deliver projects that enhance the community, and without doubt that includes saving lives! We are all very grateful to the Rotary Club, Carpenters Arms, Stanton Drew  Parish Council and the Community Café for making it all happen.”