100 Club

The 100 Club is a group of up to 100 people that each subscribe £20 per month to enter into a monthly draw, paying out big cash prizes and each December paying out huge cash prizes. The monthly draws are held at a local pub and are always fun!

If you would like to join please download the membership and standing order forms, fill them in and return them to the  100 club Treasurer.

Membership Application Form for the PPSCT 100 Club

Standing Order Instruction for the PPSCT 100 Club

100 Club Rules for 2017  – Please note that the 100 Club Rules have been revised and updated in line with AGM 2017.

If you join the 100 club you automatically become an annual member of The PPSCT.

45% of all 100 Club subscriptions are paid back in prizes and all of the remaining 55% goes to the Trust and consequently into local good causes.

The 100 Club members are the cornerstone of the Trust, raising over £10,000 per year, admittedly whilst they are having a lot of fun!

Current monthly prizes are:
First prize; £400 Second prize; £100 Third prize; £100

Then there also 2 large annual prizes – which together are 15% of the total subscriptions collected in the months since the last annual draw. e.g. £3600 if there are 100 members in a full 12 month period.

Each month the draw takes place at one of our local club member pubs. Click here to see the draw schedule and winners.