100 Club 2020 AGM

The Annual General Meetings of the Pensford , Publow and The Stantons Community Trust 100 Club was held by ZOOM at 7.30 pm Monday 12th October 2020. All members were invited to attend.

Please Note: This meeting was re-arranged (from Monday 6th April 2020) due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

  • All PPS Community Trust 100 Club members are invited to attend the Annual General Meetings.
  • Agendas and reports can be viewed by clicking the links below:
  • 100 club AGM agenda and notes 2020:  Agenda
  • 100 club signed accounts: 2019 to 2020 Accounts
  • 100 club Draft Minutes from the 2019 AGM: Draft Minutes
  • 100 club AGM Return and Proxy Form: Return and Proxy Form