100 Club 2020 Annual Draw

Community Trust 100 Club has raised £97,000 and continues through 2020!

The Pensford Publow and the Stantons Community Trust 100 Club 8th Annual Christmas Draw was not thwarted by COVID restrictions!

As Clarke Osborne, one of the four organisers  said, “ we may not literally meet, party, drink and be merry but we can get together out there in the clouds, and “ZOOM” will take us to that cloud party at home. No drinking and driving required!”

Clarke went on to say that, “ our members, whether past or current, should be rightly proud of themselves, because together they have raised £97000 since the club started for the good causes identified and supported through our partnership registered charity, The Pensford, Publow and the Stantons COMMUNITY TRUST. “ 

Every month 3 lucky 100 Club members win cash prizes, but at Christmas the prize pot is just that bit more desirable and eye catching, with the two major prizes drawn from the Club’s new “NERNIE”  Non Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment – the Club’s answer to the NS&I “ERNIE” used in Premium Bond selection. Normally the Club would invite a celebrity guest to draw the winning balls at the event, but as that option was withdrawn, COVID has brought forward this quasi automation.

With everyone comfortably seated, will full wine glasses  – NERNIE went into action. The first prize of £2352 was won by Diane Farmer and the second prize of £1176 was won by Phil Townshend. Needless to say, this was the best news for both of them in 2020!

Clarke continued ,” we are very mindful of members who have failed to win…ever, and to that end we also organise a “Booby” prize, although its far from booby in nature. This year it was a Bishop Sutton farm shop hamper with the usual giant chocolate money and a lovely bottle of Xmas fizz. It was won Phillip Gladwin who was delighted to have won at last, even if by virtue of the rules ( you have to be there to win), he was actually the only contender!”

So, despite all obstacles, 2020 was concluded satisfactorily, all draws have taken place, solutions found to automate the ball drawing and as Clarke said, “ members have all stuck with us – we are so proud of everyone and are delighted that there has been an amazing momentum to keep moving forward”.

Anyone interested in joining the 100 Club please contact Sue Osborne on 0798 9977992.